Is the New Home Smell as Good As the NEW Car Smell?

 :: Posted by Jesset on 04-20-2015

I know it’s a weird title. I was thinking about how nice it is to have a new home and a new car and how sleeping in both are really kind of cool. it healthy? What is it about new homes (I have a Ryan Home) and  new Car (I have  Hyundai Santa Fe Sport) that makes me feel so happy inside/ Newness is great whether it’s a human baby , a brand new book or a brand new home.   It’s the “birth” of a beginning and the finalization of someone’s idea/dream complete. ..(at least in the product part). So let’s talk about a new home.   What are those smells? Lately, I’ve been thinking about smells in a new home because when I moved into my new custom home, I actually had some really bad allergies and I know it was from tree pollen. I took great care in noticing my symptoms before even coming out and making this accusation because the last thing the world needs is something else to be fearful of (Isis is doing a good job of that on their own). So, my eyes dry out, my nose dries up and my throat produces an excessive amount of mucus.  My once very unnoticeable asthma thing got a million time more noticeable and I knew it wasn’t because I was getting older. So.what are the smell? It can be all sorts of things.  If OSB or plywood was used in your home, you are subject to off gasing of the chemicals that were used to glue the layers of wood together. (Go into Home Depot or Lowes sometime and smell their plywood vs. their 2×4’s….you’ll find one is more natural). Dry wall …bad bad bad bad.  Drywall dust is evil.  I’m not sure what else to say but that I love it…but I hate it because my breathing has issues with it which is why I purchased a HOlmes large room air filtration system.  My room always smells so fresh with it…which I love. So how does all this realate to a new car? New cars have carpeting (much like a house too!) and there are all sorts of gases coming off of it.  Who know s what it is. So…uhm…I’m getting really tired and honestly I don’t think I’m making much sense anymore. so I gotota go before my typos get outta hand. Here come the Sleepies…………….

Custom Homes – Do you Sleep Better in One?

 :: Posted by Jesset on 04-11-2015


If you’ve ever lived in a city, you know the hustle and bustle that comes around with it.

Perhaps you love the city and you never plan on moving, or maybe you are in the city for work and long for the days to live in the country in your own custom built home.

Personally, I love homes in the suburbs. There is breathing space and I find that being able to go home to a quieter and less active space helps me calm down and fully recuperate from a hectic week with a restful and QUIET sleep.

There are no worries about a car horn, bright lights or (and yes it happens) gun shots.

My place of solitude is in my home with multiple rooms, a fantastic kitchen a super awesome finished basher where my three little dogs love to spend time.

I will finish this post later. I have to go to bed….cause here come the sleepies!